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Alternative summer camps that emphasize experiential therapy can profoundly affect teens with issues such as ADHD, Autism, Asperger's, obesity, learning differences, or behavioral problems. Troubled teens and kids with special needs often don't fit into traditional summer camps. Parents who have teens heading down the "wrong path" will often see dramatic changes in their teen's attitude, behavior, and motivation after a therapeutic wilderness camp or other alternative summer camps.

The best summer camps have a high ratio of field instructors or counselors to students. This makes the experience the most rewarding, because no student can be "lost in the crowd." Some of these programs have been in existence for many years, and we list some of the most respected alternative summer camps and programs in the United States.

Wilderness Therapy & ADD - ADHD

Children and teens with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder often benefit highly from wilderness programs. Why is this? The need for focused attention on challenging tasks in a controlled group setting allows ADD kids to hone not only their skills of concentration, but their social skills. The group experience, when facilitated by experienced counselors, allows ADHD kids to learn how to better interpret feedback from their peers and adjust their behavior appropriately. Maybe a summer wilderness camp experience could help your teen with ADHD! More about the types of students who benefit from wilderness programs.

ADHD and Summer Vacation

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Summer Camps Topics

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Do Summer Weight Loss Camps Work

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Wilderness Therapy vs. Boot Camps

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