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Wellspring Academies

Wellspring Academies are among the world's most effective programs for weight loss. Designed for children, teens, and young adults ages 11-24, students at our Academies demonstrate among the best documented outcomes of any non-surgical weight loss program for any age group.

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SUWS Youth

SUWS Adolescent and Youth Programs offers therapeutic wilderness programs for adolescents ages 11 to 17 with a focus on clinical intervention and assessment. The wilderness program uses the outdoors as an alternative to conventional treatment environments, while engaging students using traditional therapeutic methods. Since 1981, SUWS programs have provided guidance and support to thousands of misdirected and at-risk teens experiencing low self-esteem, defiant behavior, attention deficit, depression, substance abuse and other behavioral issues.

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Teen Boarding Schools offers parents information on boarding schools for troubled teens, resources and therapeutic alternatives to military boarding programs for troubled teens including therapeutic programs, boarding schools for girls, working ranches, Christian based programs, and residential treatment programs that allow children and teens to continue earning credit for all schools. We give information on American top boarding institutions, wilderness programs, all-girls boarding programs, specialty schools, and residential treatment schools with academic programs.

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If you are a parent evaluating boarding programs for a teen struggling in school you may feel overwhelmed by all the options available to you. Parents with troubled teens who have struggled with finding solutions sometimes feel as if they have no place to turn. Maybe you have tried a number of treatments or interventions to get a troubled teen back on track, yet still find the solutions fall far short of the mark.

Our hectic, fast-paced society makes it more difficult for young people to make the transition from childhood to adulthood. Rites of passage that once helped teens understand the growing responsibilities that come with age no longer play a major part in our chaotic world. Children and teens get many of their messages about how to act from inappropriate sources - from an individual peer group or the larger peer culture.

Troubled teens are often confused and frightened. The defiance, anger, and rebelliousness reflect their confusion and fear. The first step in saving a child from a self-destructive path of academic failure, dangerous drug and alcohol experimentation, and even brushes with police is to realize you need professional help. Teens whose parents actively pursue help are the most likely to see a positive change.

Where can parents turn when they have tried therapists, school counselors, and spiritual advisors, yet their teen is still clearly in trouble? Teen boarding schools that can address both your child's behavior and help them catch up academically and improve their school work can give you hope for their academic and professional working future. "Teen Boarding Schools" offers articles, tips, and resources for you to research the best options for your child.

There are a number of other residential options available for troubled teens, from short-term, high-impact wilderness programs to residential treatment with academic components for teens with alcohol or substance abuse problems There are specialty boarding schools for teens with ADHD or other learning differences.
These boarding schools and other programs for troubled teens emphasize personal responsibility and the need to understand the natural consequences of behavior. Teens are removed from the environment where they have mastered the art of manipulation and are placed in a situation where they learn to recognize negative behavior and make better choices.

Teens who attend these therapeutic programs can make remarkable advances in academic performance and attitudes in a relatively concentrated period of time. They return home with a new, more positive outlook on life.

Success Stories:

"New Life Lodge has given me the skills to work out issues with my parents. I have gained a lot of maturity at New Life Lodge that helps me with my relationships."
Andrew T.

"I'm writing to say 'Thank you' for giving my son such a wonderful experience. He had the time of his life. More importantly, however, he came home with new skills, and new friends."

"The amount of maturity, gratitude and openness our son exhibits since graduating from SMS was beyond any expectation we had"

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Modern society makes it difficult for young people to make the transition from childhood to adulthood. Rites of passage that once helped teens understand the growing responsibilities that come with age no longer play a major part in our fast-paced, chaotic society. Often children and teens get their messages from inappropriate sources, whether this be an individual peer group or the larger peer culture.