A Summer on a Working Ranch

Do you have a teen who is rebellious, belligerent, unwilling to cooperate or participate in family life? Is it a struggle just to get your teenager to take out the garbage? Do you feel like you are living under a state of siege with your adolescent?

Where better to learn the responsibility and the value of a good work ethic than at a working ranch?

Aspen Ranch and Turn-About Ranch give teens the opportunity to participate in a real working ranch. They learn skills such as the care and grooming of horses, horseback riding, and basic ranch chores. They learn about a strong work ethic in a positive peer environment.

Rebellious teens often thrive in the structured environment of a working ranch. At first they may rebel against the rules, but students who have already experienced the initial resistance to ranch life help them make the transition to the environment. Teens learn to work together to create one of the most positive and rewarding experiences of their young lives.

"Two and a half years ago we were so afraid for our daughter until we found Turn-About Ranch. We sent her there with the hopes of getting our daughter back. We got more than we bargained for! She is doing wonderful. She goes to school in the morning and works in the afternoon. Ed and I don't have a curfew for her...she doesn't need one. She is the most responsible, fun-loving, caring individual you could ever want to know. She plans to go to college in the fall and she is on the Honor Roll at school. She is self-assured and knows who she is and what she wants. Her faith is important to her and the only thing that seems to matter is her family." Parent of student who attended Turn-About Ranch